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student - athletes

Our extensive athletic recruiting expertise allows us to help student-athletes develop a comprehensive strategy to pursue their sport at the next level, whether it is Division I, II, or III.
We help maximize academic and athletic options by:

  • asking the necessary questions to determine the best fit among different athletic divisions and programs

  • discussing NCAA eligibility and regulations

  • assisting the student in preparing athletic resumes and marketing letters

  • considering the benefits of using videos to showcase athletic talent

  • advising the student on the best way to initiate and continue contact with coaches

  • providing a timeline outlining steps in the recruitment process

  • guiding the student on how to make the most of official and unofficial visits

  • identifying the best questions to ask coaches at different steps of the process

  • providing the tools necessary to most effectively organize and track the process

  • helping the student choose among offers of acceptance

Our student-athletes have gone on to compete at the following colleges and universities:

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