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essential insights package

Our essential insights package provides the professional guidance and tools every student needs to undertake the daunting college selection and application process with confidence and ease. Our proven step-by-step approach increases the likelihood that each student will find the “right” college.

sophomore  year
early insights

This first step of the process focuses on formulating an educational plan and exploring activities that support the student's strengths and interests to lay the groundwork and prepare for the college process. This step includes:

  • administering assessments to identify aptitudes, interests, and possible majors/career options

  • recommending course selection choices to maximize student's strengths and support goals

  • suggesting extracurricular and summer experiences that support student's interests/ intended major

  • finalizing student's standardized testing plan 

junior year
student insights
This step focuses on honing the student's interests, skills, priorities, and goals to ensure best positioning for the college admissions process. It includes:

  • examining college interests and college experience priorities

  • providing assistance in preparation of a concise, clear resume to highlight accomplishments

  • considering options to make applications stand out


college insights
This step focuses on developing a personalized college list for the student, ensuring a balance of likely, target, and reach schools. It includes:

  • matching student’s interests, talents, and goals to "right fit” colleges

  • identifying and refining a solid college list based upon student’s unique qualities and objectives 

  • teaching student how to effectively research colleges

  • preparing student for productive college trips and demonstrating interest

senior year
application insights
This step focuses on guiding the student through all aspects of the application and essay process while alleviating the stress with advanced planning and a proven methodology. It includes:

  • identifying all requirements for a complete application for each college

  • developing a timeline to manage all application details and be done by Thanksgiving

  • discussing the most appropriate application strategy for the student, including whether to take advantage of early action and early decision options 

  • developing applications that highlight student's strengths and unique experiences

  • brainstorming essay topics and providing detailed feedback on drafts

  • preparing materials for counselor and teacher letters of recommendation

  • conducting a mock interview in preparation for on-campus and alumni interviews

  • providing guidance on completion of the college applications and reviewing each application in its entirety before submission

  • offering ongoing support throughout the process, addressing questions and concerns

  • helping the student review choices once all acceptances have been received

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