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engage with purpose

This foundational program is designed to help students in 9th grade through the first half of 10th grade to develop authentic engagement in the things they really care about and build the strongest profile possible during the early years of high school.

After completing an assessment of their interests and strengths, students articulate and reflect on what they like to do, what they care about, and what impact they would like to make. They then explore meaningful academic and extracurricular opportunities and develop a personal action plan to engage in activities where they can demonstrate dedication, leadership, and an ability to make an impact on their community - all things colleges look for in applicants.

Students accomplish this through several one-on-one working sessions with email/phone support in between meetings. When students choose to design and implement a more complex project, we can provide continued guidance and planning support.


Then, in January of students' sophomore year, families have the opportunity to sign up for the essential insights package.

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